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     68John is a member of an NGO 'X' which is helping in efforts to help people in an event of disaster. John's role as volunteer is to keep track of all the other volunteers and the activities they are involved in. However, John and his NGO are new to Sahana Eden platform and John starts off the association with Sahana by signing up himself and registering the NGO 'X'. The process of creation of this new organisation gets validated by the administrator and John gets the org admin privileges.
     70A week later Sophie, another volunteer of NGO 'X' is assigned to conduct look after the training event organized by NGO 'X'. She will start off by signing up on Sahana Eden and sending an application to join NGO 'X' which in turn comes to John for approval. On it's approval, Sophie becomes member of the NGO 'X'.
    6874==== Workflow 2 ====
     78A volunteer Gary of a particular organisation finds smoke coming out of an industrial building which employs many people during non-working hours. He immediately notifies by logging into Sahana Eden and adding an incident report with the location coordinates. The in-charge of investigation and counter measures for incident reports gets suitable people to leave for the site and check if the information is true and take counter measures if necessary. Once the incident is verified, it is then added by the in-charge and listed as an incident.
    7280==== Workflow 3 ====
     84A health based organisation starts off a project to setup Primary Healthcare Capacity Building in a disaster affected area. It approves the purchase of some medicines and vaccines which would require prescription from a Doctor. The organisation admin puts up this task on Sahana Eden. A new volunteer Dave who is also a Doctor happens to look through this task on the organisation dashboard, requests to do this task. His request is then approved by the organisation admin and when he is done with the task, the task is closed.
    7686==== Workflow 4 ====
     90Tom who is a volunteer of a government organisation requests for Hygiene Kits for better hygiene and prevention of diseases. He puts up his request on Sahana Eden with the number of units required and estimated cost. Harry who is in possession of the required number of Hygiene Kits requests for the fulfilling the request put up by Tom. After being approved by the admin/member, Harry fulfills the request.
    8092==== Workflow 5 ====
     96Ray who is working as a volunteer and coordinator in disaster mitigation efforts for a governmental organisation after the cyclone in an area some days back, logs in to his account on Sahana Eden. The organisation dashboard opens up and gives a summary of reports of cyclone in a nearby area along with other reports. Although there is not much information at this stage as the cyclone just subsided.
     98He would then subscribe for further updates as they come and will be alerted by email/sms and take suitable measures for directing efforts in that particular area. 
    84100<Describe a possible design, repeat any design sections for alternative designs>