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BluePrint: Python-3 Support


As of June 2019, Sahana Eden is written for Python-2.7, but some tools (e.g. python-pip) will end their support for this Python version soon. Therefore, Sahana Eden must implement Python-3.6 as soon as possible. However, as most active deployments still run on Python-2.7, Sahana Eden must remain backwards-compatible for some time.


  • Deployers
  • Developers (both Sahana, and dependencies/libraries)


  • all Python code in Sahana Eden shall be Python-3.6+
  • maintain Python-2.7 backwards-compatibility
    • provide framework support for common compatibility patterns
    • provide guideline (coding conventions) with common compatibility patterns
  • provide routine QA measures to verify compatibility of critical code with both 3.6 and 2.7 (review, CI testing)
  • update deployment tools to support Python-3.6+
  • Python-3.6+ to be standard deployment option by the end of 2019

Planned Implementation


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