The current Reporting fremwork in s3report and s3timeplot is great, however there are some additional features that it would be great to have in order to be on a par with PowerBI (free Desktop client, Office 365 subscribers can publish to web) & Tableau (free 14-day trial for desktop client).

There are free courses to introduce using both of these in a humanitarian context here:

Features that would be nice to add to Sahana Eden:

  • Customisable Dashboards: BluePrint
    • widgets (inc styling)
    • filters
    • layout
  • Cross-filters
  • Map Styling should be as instant-feedback as the reports are
    • which attribute to use for styling (bubble size or colours)
    • which attributes to put on tooltips
    • resizing of bubbles
  • Options to sort the Bar Charts makes them a lot more meaningful...PowerBI does this automatically, which is nice (& would be an easy thing before adding user controls)
  • Tableau can colorize bar charts by a different dimension (e.g. Show length of bar for L2 data but colour by L1)
  • Generally a lot more control over graph styling (currently we can find issues with labels getting cutoff, etc)
  • Tableau barchart axes can be calculations (hence be percentages)
  • PowerBI has nice Analytics lines to add to Graphs:
    • Min, Max, Average, Median, Percentiles
    • it also has a tool to 'find where this distribution is different' which seems OK
    • it also has a text representation of the analysis ('summarize') which might be useful for some people
  • Tableau has Trend Lines available
  • Both have Treemap options (not massively useful, but nice)
  • Tableau has Filled Bubbles (not massively useful, but nice)

Tools that we could integrate:

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