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    3333 * [ Matplotlib] can generate visualisations
    3434 * [ Cairo] can generate nice charts from the back-end
     36== Custom s3xrc method ==
     37The custom s3xrc Would allow quick visualisations of resources on the server. There would need to be vars specifying which variables go in which axis in each resource.
     39== Report model/view/controller ==
     40This module could provide the user with the ability to create and embed graphs in their instance of sahana. The idea is to provide the user with the ability display any set of data; it need not be tied to a resource or may be a more complex combination of variables than provided in the sahana framework. The graphs could be in svg format allowing for interactivity. The files themselves could also be stand alone so that they could be easily exported and saved locally.
     42The basic workflow would be:
     43  * Create a graph with a web-form or file upload using report/scatter/create. There numerous settings that could be altered to create different a looks and feel. 
     44    * Or it can be created with a call to the url with the data as vars, such as report/scatter/create?data={"x": [1, 2, 3], "y": [3, 4, 3], "title": "Test Title"}&settings={"width": 300, "height": 200}
     45  * An entry gets created in the database for the graph. It can be retrieved an and inserted into a web-page in an object or embed tag, such as <object data="/eden/report/scatter/get.svg?id=1" />
     46    * These could appear inside popups on the map
     47    * Or, the graphs can be represented without an entry in the database using report/scatter/create?view.svg={"x": [1, 2, 3], "y": [3, 4, 3], "title": "Test Title"}&settings={"width": 300, "height": 200}
    3649== Map ==