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SVG Plugins for IE

Blueprint for Reporting/Charting

We need to be able to generate Pretty & Informative Reports from the database.

e.g. for BluePrintImpact

These can be implemented as an S3XRC Custom method


For quick visualisations in the browser, we have included jqPlot.

We have included the Healthscapes SaVaGe library to easily output SVG graphs:

T2 includes a basic barchart function:

def barchart(data,width=400,height=15,scale=None,
    if not scale: scale=max([m for n,c,m in data])
    if not scale: return None
    return TABLE(_class='barchart',
           *[TR(TD(n,_width=label_width,_style="text-align: right"),
           _style="vertical-alignment: middle") for n,c,m in data])


We want to be able to provide reports suitable for displaying inside popups on Map Polygons:


For more formal reports (which can also be retrieved via webservices using the PDF representation of the REST Controller), we currently use ReportLab via Geraldo. This also supports Graphics (via PIL)

Other options:


Excel files are currently written using xlwt. Other options:

  • Pod to create Open Document Format


Could be something to use Flash? (although best-avoided, if possible, to minimise client support)

Phase2 version:


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