Blue Print - Requests


Sahana Eden needs to be able to manage requests for:

  • Items (Supplies)
  • Assets
  • People
  • Shelter

This requires tracking requests, commitments to fulfill requests and the final fulfillment of requests.

Current Status

  • UserGuidelines/Logistics
  • Requests can be created for Items or Skills (or named People)
  • Requests have to be made for a Site/Facility
  • Requests can optionally have a Commit stage before fulfillment
  • Fulfillment can link straight to Shipments
  • Recurring Requests can be scheduled

To Do

  • Complete support for Assets
  • Add support for Shelter


  • For Shelters #families/#people => Auto Calculate Food/Water/Toiletries for base recurring requests
  • Values are stored in localisable Scenario Templates
  • Reports created to allow comparison of templates against historical data

Notes from Pakistan

  • Default Items' Pack Value to a value in the Catalog & allow manual updating to actual if-necessary
    • Doc: in a Procurement system, this is the max price that the budget holder (approver) is authorising, so they need to be checked back with before purchasing if the price is higher.
  • Imperial vs. metric UoM
  • Add more help to the req_item_inv_item page
  • Add Assets to Requests (as Components)
  • Remove req_item_id from inv_send and inv_recv. This link was used to show which shipments we meeting a request. Use a resource link instead.
  • Adjust the commit button so that it only appears for un-fulfiled commitments
  • Create a better work-flow link from Req -> Commit -> Send -> Recv
    • Disable a single commitment to sent multiple times
  • Functionality to show requests which can be fulfilled by the items in a inventory (and perhaps visa versa).
  • Ensure that only one packet per item can have a quantity = 1 (and thus be the unit of measure for that item)
  • Request Timetable options?
    • 'Immediate'
  • Add Unique ID numbers to transactions [Site Code]-[Sequential Number]?

Other Requirements

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