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Initial version

Requests module for Sahana Eden 2.0

Currently there are 2 parallel Requests systems in the REQ module:

  • req_req
  • req_need

req_req was the first system built, initially to support the Logistics functionality in Inv, via req_req_item, req_commit and req_commit_item

Subsequently this was extended to support:

  • Requests for Skills, via req_req_skill & req_commit_skill & req_commit_person
  • 'Simple' Requests (just a textbox of details)
  • Planned to be extended to support Requests for Assets & Shelter, although that was never developed.

Whilst the Logistics usecase worked pretty well, the other usecases never really worked properly due to the fact that req_req required Requests to originate from a Site....this is why req_need was provide a simpler Requests system than req_req's simple mode, which could be flexibly extended to originate from Sites, Orgs or People. Could also be flexibly extended to support requests for Items, Skills, etc


  • REQ should only have a single Requests system, for which the req_need model is more suitable.
  • req_req should be stripped down to it's logistics core usecase & moved to inv_req
    • Remove types (so remove support for Simple, Skills, etc)
    • Similarly req_req_item/req_commit/req_commit_item/req_approver/req_req_tag/req_order_item/req_project_req should be moved to inv_req_item/inv_commit /inv_commit_item/inv_req_tag/inv_req_approver/inv_req_item_order/inv_req_project
    • Also move associated Controllers/Classes/Functions/View
    • Remove current req_skill/req_commit_person/req_commit_skill models
    • req_job moved to req_need_job

There are also some models which are just used by SHARE & should be moved to that template (as share_*):

  • req_need_line
  • req_need_response
  • req_need_response_line
  • req_need_response_organisation
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