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Design Norms

Design norms are set to simplify the GUI design with a standard set of objects and navigation for the user to:

  • interact with the system with zero complexity
  • know where they are at every step of each function
  • present the information using a standard set of objects

Each of the GUI objects will comprise the following design and functional characteristics:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Table


Upon login the user will be presented with the dashboard

First <div> container

A row with status Indicators that also serve as a Quick Nav buttons. They would vary for each of the role specific dashboards:

Role dashboard incident report resource request dispatch planning logistics admin & finance
EOC Commander Y Y Y Y Y Y
EOC Operations Y Y Y
EOC Planning Y Y Y Y Y
EOC Logistics Y Y

Second <div> container

Two tabs

  1. Table view
  2. Map view

GUI Objects

The GUI design comprises the following objects

Object Description
1. Menu items role specific navbar menu items and the submenu hierarchy; typically itemized in the nav-bar
2. Dashboard role specific landing page (i.e. upon login direct user to the page)
3. Quick Nav image button to navigate to the feature (i.e. an icon to click to navigate to the function or feature
4. Button Strictly for CRUD only; i.e. standard Eden buttons
5. Summary summary box with either a paragraph or list (e.g. headline, title, status, priority, date information)
6. Indicator numbers, color-coding, chart, or other dynamic indicator (e.g. number of active incident reports)
7. Table table listing or the records with selected columns (i.e. standard Eden table)
8. Map map view of the geo-tagged information on a map (i.e. standard Eden map)
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