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    89891. Call Center staff:
    9090   a. updates the incident report with the Team Leader's name and contact info in the Incident Commander section
     91   a. Then informs the EOC Commander to activate the Operations, Planning & Logistics Units
    9192   a. she clicks on issue alert to:
    9293      i. initiate SAMBRO (off-system from SAFIRE) to issues a CUG restricted landslide alert
    107108      i. uploading the CERT leaders sent photos
    108109      i. demarcating the affected area on map, described by the CERT Leader
     1101. EOC Operations Unit takes over the incident from the Call Center
    1091111. District Disaster Management Center Commander
    110    a. Uses the VHF radio (off-system), to report to the EOC Call Center
    111 1. Call Center staff:
     112   a. Uses the VHF radio (off-system), to report to the EOC Operations Unit
     1131. Operations Unit:
    112114   a. Updates the Incident Commander information, by replacing the CERT Leader information with DMC Commander's information
    113    a. Asks the new Incident Commander, what are your immediate needs with required resources
    114    a. Based on the commanders request, the EOC Planning Unit updates that tasks and required resources table
     115   a. Asks the new Incident Commander for required resources to update the immediate needs
     1161. Planning Unit:
     117   a. Analyses the immediate needs
     118   a. updates that incident operations tasks list with additional personnel and equipment
     1191. Logistics Unit:
     120   a. Identifies the required resources
     121   a. uses the Resource Messaging module to procure additional required resources
     122      i. 5 teams with earth moving equipment
     123      i. road building teams
     124      i. police to detour traffic
     125      i. temporary shelter, water & sanitation, food, and supplies for response teams
     126   a. once identified, the resources are assigned to the tasks
     127   a. ensure the resources have arrived onsite
     128   a. inform Operations Unit that resources are delivered
     1291. Operations Unit
     130   a. work for 2 days to cleanup and restore the road
     131   a. close the incident
    116133=== Explosion & Major Fire ===