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The page elaborates on the specific use cases and user stories, mainly for the developers and testers.

Use Cases

Call Center manages:

Event scale #Reports #Teams Activities Example
Small Single Single receives call and initiates an incident report
dispatches first-response team and updates event information
incident is contained, report is updated, and event is closed
SAR 2 teenagers missing in park
Medium Single Multiple receives call and initiates an incident report
dispatches first-response team and updates event information
dispatch additional response teams and updates report
incident is contained, report is updated, and event is closed
Landslide affecting a county road
Large Multiple Multiple receives call and initiates an incident report
dispatches first-response team and updates event information
more and more calls are received and incident reports are initiated,
Call center alerts EOC Commander and event is taken over by Operations Unit
Call center continues to record multiple reports and assigns to the same event
Example 3

Operations Unit manages:

Event SOP task lists Resource status Planning actions Logistics actions
Common Defined Available NA NA
Common Defined Unavailable NA Find new resources and deliver
Uncommon Undefined Available Plan new tasks and required resources NA
Uncommon Undefined Unavailable Plan new tasks and required resources Find new resources and deliver

User Stories

Search and Rescue

"Two hikers are reported missing in a national park; managing SAR."

  1. A concerned parent, at 6pm, calls the emergency Call Center hotline: 112 to report two missing teenagers
  2. The 112 Call Center staff opens a new incident report to log the the case
  3. The call center staff selects incident type = missing person
  4. Upon selecting the incident type, the appropriate form with the standard questions are displayed
    1. Q: Who am I speaking with? A: Mrs. Renuka Arambepola (mother)
    2. Q: How can we contact you? A: 01125552121
    3. Q: What is your request? A: "My son: Mahela Jayathilekke (17 year, 150m) and his friend Anura Sangakkara (17 year, 160m) went hiking. They left home at 9am in the morning. Supposed to return home at 2pm. They haven't called and I cannot get through to their mobile 07654442121. I am worried. They said they were hiking to Kinrinda lake"
  5. Thereafter, the Call Center staff adds the following information in the same form:
    1. Incident = two teenagers missing in Hanttana national park
    2. Immediate need = dispatch a search and rescue team to the area.
  6. Call Center staff:
    1. tells the mother that she will call her back.
    2. contacts the Park Ranger's Office, off-system: over VHF radio (or telephone), to relay the incident; they:
      1. immediately dispatch a SAR team;
      2. share the Commander's name and contact information (if the local SOP says to do so)
      3. confirm the location name
    3. updates the:
      1. location using the location search to auto-draw a polygon (if no pre-defined polygon then will manually draw polygon)
      2. the Commander contact detail
    4. uses the system to sends an SMS with the summary and URL of the incident report to the Commander
    5. telephones the mother to inform her that a SAR team has been dispatched
  7. Commander:
    1. updates the Ranger Station every 15 minutes with location and status
    2. after 1.5 hours, the SAR team finds the two teenagers and updates the Call Center with
      1. location and status
      2. health condition = in good health
      3. evacuation plan = hike out, ETA 45 min
  8. Call Center staff:
    1. updates the incident report
    2. calls the mother to inform her of the evacuation plan
    3. after the teenagers are back in parent's custody, the case is closed


"Heavy rains has caused a landslide damaging and covering a popular B-52 county road in Badarawella hill-country"

  1. At 5:45am, a vehicle driving on the B-52 county road halts at a damaged section, unable to pass through
  2. The driver calls the 112 Call Center to report the incident
  3. Call Center staff:
    1. starts a new incident report
    2. selects incident type = "landslide" to initiate the respective incident report form
    3. Then asks the questions:
      1. Q: Who am I speaking with? A: Mr. Anura Thennakoon
      2. Q: How can we contact you? A: 07775552121
      3. Q: Please explain the situation? A: "the road is damaged and is washed off, I am approximately 5km from Bandarawella town on the B-52 road, coming from Bandarawella. I cannot get through. I can also see, approximately 200m away, that the earth has slid on to the road covering it. How can I get to Bandarawella town? I don't have mobile data to search on google maps"
    4. says "please hold on sir while I find you another route"
    5. she completes the following information in the same form:
      1. incident = landslide on B-52 country road
      2. immediate need = dispatch team to assess situation
    6. Refers to the FAQ in-system CMS: "how to re-route a vehicle?" Instructions indicate:
      1. Opens a Google map (off-system) in your browser
      2. Type the location name in the search box
      3. Look for alternate routes (option - use google direction option)
      4. explain the routing information
    7. Opens the in-system "resource map search" option to:
      1. locate the closest first-response team
      2. identifies a Sarvodaya CERT team, approximately 2km from the incident
      3. calls (off-system) on the given contact number requesting to assess the situation
      4. clicks the assign button to assign the resource to the task = assess situation
  4. CERT team:
    1. Off-system, the on call duty person activates the CERT
    2. Team leader telephones the Call Center to share his name and contact information.
  5. Call Center staff:
    1. updates the incident report with the Team Leader's name and contact info in the Incident Commander section
    2. Then informs the EOC Commander to activate the Operations, Planning & Logistics Units
    3. she clicks on issue alert to:
      1. initiate SAMBRO (off-system from SAFIRE) to issues a CUG restricted landslide alert
      2. alert responseType = Assess and Instructions = Standby and await update
      3. alert is be received by the District: Disaster Management Center, Police, Health Department, Road Maintenance Authority, Public Transportation, etc
  6. CUG restricted alert recipients:
    1. use the "acknowledge" feature to confirm they received the message
  7. Call Center staff:
    1. checks the SAMBRO acknowledge list to ensure all important recipients have received the alert.
  8. CERT Leader:
    1. activates (off-system) Viber to access the designated group:
      1. use voice messaging to explain the situation and inform the immediate needs
      2. share photos of the situation
  9. Call Center staff:
    1. receives the voice messages and photos over the restricted 112 Viber channel
    2. Updates the incident report by:
      1. transforming the CERT leaders voice reports to text
      2. uploading the CERT leaders sent photos
      3. demarcating the affected area on map, described by the CERT Leader
  10. EOC Operations Unit takes over the incident from the Call Center
  11. District Disaster Management Center Commander
    1. Uses the VHF radio (off-system), to report to the EOC Operations Unit
  12. Operations Unit:
    1. Updates the Incident Commander information, by replacing the CERT Leader information with DMC Commander's information
    2. Asks the new Incident Commander for required resources to update the immediate needs
  13. Planning Unit:
    1. Analyses the immediate needs
    2. updates that incident operations tasks list with additional personnel and equipment
  14. Logistics Unit:
    1. Identifies the required resources
    2. uses the Resource Messaging module to procure additional required resources
      1. 5 teams with earth moving equipment
      2. road building teams
      3. police to detour traffic
      4. temporary shelter, water & sanitation, food, and supplies for response teams
    3. once identified, the resources are assigned to the tasks
    4. ensure the resources have arrived onsite
    5. inform Operations Unit that resources are delivered
  15. Operations Unit
    1. work for 2 days to cleanup and restore the road
    2. close the incident

Explosion & Major Fire

"an explosion at a large hazardous material factory; managing fire and casualties"

  1. A large hazardous material factory explosion is reported to the Call Center.
  2. Police, Fire, and Ambulatory Services are dispatched to the scene. The EOC issues a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) SMS/Cell Broadcast alert targeting the population in and around the location to evacuate the area. EOC coordinates with CBRN Specialists and First-Responders to contain the incident and continues to update the situation-information.
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