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BluePrint: Sahana First Response

Current Status

Fit-Gap analysis spreadsheet

Available features:

Missing features:

  1. built on the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) version 1.2 [1]
  2. manage templates, manage messages
  3. manage CAP Profiles (multiple languages, identifier format, etc) in ../cap/000_config file
  4. receive CAP feeds [2] to serve as an aggregator and a pubhub
  5. approve or reject a CAP message prior to dissemination
  6. delivery options: HTTP, RSS/Atom, SMS, Email, FTP (dynamic labels)
  7. visualize CAP feeds on a map ("common operating picture")
  8. Use GIS-based risk assessment techniques to develop predefined (hazard, event, and severity specific) CAP alert area templates\1. delivery options: HTTP, RSS/Atom, SMS, Email, Voice-text (audio)
  9. subscription management (who, what, when, and where) serve as a subhub
  10. Feed in to Google Alerthub [3] and IFRC Universal Hazard App
  11. support multiple language CAP message publication
  12. digitally sign the messages
  13. Mobile application to server as a publisher and a subscriber
  14. Pictographs for Alerting
  15. Event specific SOP check list


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User Stories

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System Constraints


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Data Model

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Site Map

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Current Implementation

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Planned Implementation

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Future Extensions

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Outstanding Questions

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