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    44== User Stories ==
     6=== Self-registration of relief assistance (Agency) ===
     71. The HCT conducts a rapid joint assessment in areas affected by flooding and landslides
     8   a. they determine the immediate response needs of the affected communities
     9   a. they identify across the selected sector-response areas: Shelter and NFI, WASH, Health, Food Security, Protection, and Education
     111. UNICEF and IOM visit several Divisions (L3 areas) in an affected District (L2 area)
     12   a. they assess for any gaps in protection considerations and immediate assistance that can be provided for home repair or temporary shelter
     13   a. in Division-A, they realize the need for a temporary evacuation center
     14   a. A member of the evaluation team, with Request Logger role, accesses the system to record the need
     15      i.
     16   a. in Division-A, they repurpose a school to serveUNICEF, in an assessment of a temporary evacuation centre (a repurposed school) in Elapatha DSD, identifies a number of potential protection issues regarding the quality of the tents in use (e.g. lack of quality lighting for inside/outside tent, lock and zip located outside tent rather than inside)
     17UNICEF identifies that the Grama Nilhadari and other local authorities are not able to provide the items and have not received information from Colombo on whether any of these items are available
     18UNICEF calls regional warehouse, notified that the identified number of required tents at this standard and with portable, personal lights are available at this warehouse.
     19The UNICEF Information Management Officer at the warehouse opens the ShaReHub platform and enters this information (reporting that UNICEF has identified the need and is able to provide the required response)
     20The activity is marked as “in progress” in the system and the location of the activity is marked on the map
     21This information is shared with the Ministry (both a focal point in the NDRSC and the EOC) and the humanitarian community via an email link
     22Warehouse dispatches the items, marking this in the system
     23At the delivery of the items, the UNICEF team has moved on to another camp. The appointed local official in charge of the evacuation site calls the UNICEF team to inform them.
     24The UNICEF team report the delivery of the items to the warehouse where the activity is marked as complete (at XX time and date) in the system and map.
     25(noted on the system that UNICEF/Protection or Shelter Sector actor/local authority should check back in 3 days on the state of the items and to assess whether they are meeting the needs of the affected people)
    526==== Shelter equipment for landslide victims ====
    6271. A Local-Gov-Official visits the landslide site in Haputale