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    172172=== Publish and View 4W reports ===
    174 === Publish Sitreps & summary reports ===
    176 1. Rapporteur is a user with permissions to can create, read, update, or delete a sitrep
    177    a. access the Sitrep form (either a new or existing)
    178    a. add/edit content with sections for a
     174=== Publish Sitreps ===
     1761. Rapporteur has permissions to create, read, update, or delete a sitrep
     177   a. access the Sitrep form to create new or edit existing)
     178      i. if new - relate to event (e.g floods 2017)
     179   a. add/edit content with sections for
    179180      i. title (headline)
    180       i. reference code
    181       i.
    182    a. uploads photos and an associated PDF (or any document)
    183    a.
     181      i. paragraphs (with markups)
     182      i. reference URL(s)
     183   a. uploads
     184      i. multiple photos
     185      i. multiple documents (PDF, DOC, XSL, ...)
     186   a. select a location to relate the sitrep to (e.g. an Lx name - province, district, ... or a specific location)
     187   a. select an organization or default to Rapporteur's organization
     188   a. submit form to publish sitrep
     189      i. profile - create or update the styled html page
     190      i. email headline and link to the profile (attach PDF file)
     191      i. twitter - push headline with link to profile page
     192      i. RSS - update the RSS feed
     1931. Anonymous user (i.e. anyone)
     194   a. access the sitrep through the menu
     195   a. selects either the list view or map view (i.e. hide or show map)
     196   a. see a summary of the stirep with more ... option
     197   a. clicks on more to navigate to profile page to read entire sitrep
     198   a. clicks on download control to receive a PDF copy of the sitrep