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    2222''HCT and other response agencies supply periodic update of 4W information''
    24 1. 
     24'''Sarvodaya Shramadana Society'''
     251. Sarvodaya contacts the UN RCO to request for access with HCT permissions
     261. UN RCO creates an account with Org Admin permissions with feature to import export
     271. Sarvodaya access the ShaRe system and login
     281. Click on import 4W /eden/req/4W/import
     29   a. In the filter option select the particular Event in dropdown
     30   a. Click Export 4W (or download sample)
     31      i. will present a CSV file to save
     32      i. name the file and save on personal computer
     33      i. if no records, then give empty CSV with headers
     341. add their relief  4W data to the CSV file
     35   a. save as sarvodaya_4W_20170605.csv
     36   a. click on import 4W
     37   a. Browse for the 4W on their personal computer
     38   a. upload to ShaRe through /eden/req/4W/import
     39   a. Once again select the Event in the dropdown
     40   a. click Export to get a fresh copy of CSV with the Sarvodaya 4W data
     411. 24 hours later, the next day
     42   a. Access the ShaRe system and login
     43   a. click on import 4W /eden/req/4W/import
     44   a. Browse the laptop to find the updated spreadsheet
     45   a. Uploads the new file as sarvodaya_4W_20170606
     46   a. ShaRe system identifies
    2648==== Self-registration of relief assistance (Agency) ====
    2749''The Divisional Secretariat (DS) Office mobilizes a rapid joint assessment team (including members of HCT) in areas affected by flooding and landslides to determine the immediate response needs of the affected communities. They identify across the selected sector-response areas: Shelter and NFI, WASH, Health, Food Security, Protection, and Education.''