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    114114'''In the order of priority'''
    1151151. collect and present the 4W data efficiently for decision support
    116    a. Form for authorized persons to download the CSV template
    117    a. Same form to upload the CSV file with updated data sets
     116   a. Form for authorized organization to download the 4W CSV template
     117   a. Same form to upload the CSV file with updated data
     118   a. resolve any duplicates or errors in the data
    118119   a. generic tool for developing sector and location wise reports
     1201. improve DS and GN reporting;
     121   a. two options: CSV upload or ShaRe forms
     122   a. CSV upload:
     123      i. CSV template download
     124      i. Upload CSV with updates
     125   a. ShaRe forms: mobile and desktop apps
     1261. Reporting
     127   a. Generate pivot tables and charts
     128   a. Publish and manage location and organization specific situational-report blogs
     129   a. Upload Event specific photos and documents; then refer to them through hyperlinks (e.g. homepage, sitreps)
    1191311. run a call center to log requests and activities
    120132   a. log requests with purpose and needs
    121    a. amend with request items
    122    a. approve for open commits
    123 1. improve DSD and GN reporting; CSV upload or mobile app
    124    a. form to add new requests
    125       i. CSV template download
    126       i. Upload CSV with updates
    127    a. mobile app for off-line
    128       i. logging requests
    129       i. access sitreps
     133   a. augment the log with request items
     134   a. approve to open for donor commits
    1301371. news feed
    131138   a. summary stream of twitter channels