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    124124<Questions about the features or design that haven't been (and need to be) answered>
     126==== How do we know whether a request is authentic? ====
     127* Requests generated by an organization could be considered valid because they are requesting based on some kind of a needs assessment (hopefully!) and the organization takes responsibility for accountability of the received goods based on such requests.
     128* Requests that are made by community-level individuals, whether its a Local Government Official (e.g. Gramaseveka Niladari) or any other official or a community leader, then there would be a slight hesitantation from potential 'donors'. Not to imply that the official is lying, but it's well experienced that sometimes government officials exaggerate the post-disaster needs so that they could cover up ongoing development-related needs. For example, if the GN division A has 100 households and 50 of them need support to build toilets, and from floods only 10 toilets were damaged, there is a possibility that the official would report 60 damages so he could cover up an existing need through disaster relief.
    126131== References ==
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