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BluePrint: Social Media

GHC2013 Project Proposals

Project option for "human intelligence task" processing

  • Receive tweets and / or SMS messages from the public.
  • Dispatch these to online workers to classify and geocode.
  • Display on a map.

Details are at GHC2013 Social Media Human Intelligence Task Processing.

Project option for enhancements to current Eden social media features

Details are at GHC2013 Social Media Enhancements.

Current System and Setup for Both Projects

For ease of getting a large dataset to play with, we will use Twitter for this example, although the same system can be used for other message channels, like Email, SMS & RSS.

Test Server to see User Interface:

Install on your own system:

Relevant documentation:

Note: Documentation for both end-users & devs could use improvement

  • feel free to dive in!


There are 2 projects that we can work on during this session: (A) Some simple enhancements to the current interface (B) Creating a 'Human Intelligence Tasking' module to allow the processing of these messages to be divided up amongst a lot of workers

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