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BluePrint: Social Media


Social Media is playing a important role in Disaster and Emergency Management.


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  • Create searches/filters of various social media feeds
    • Simple hashtag search
    • Machine learning algorithms(?)
    • Ability to display these feeds on Dashboards
    • Display on the map
    • Trends over time
  • Ability to track actions (tasks?) take in response to Social Media messages
  • Measure Social Media Engagement
    • Number of followers (+ trends over time)
    • Number of Tweets (+ trends over time)
    • Number of re-tweets / likes (+ trends over time)
  • Share information from Sahana Eden on Social Media
    • A user sharing it on their accounts
    • Allow Sahana Eden to publish new information automatically to it's own account


As an Emergency Manager, in order to support the decision making for the type of the resources allocated, the type of response (containment, evacuation etc.) and the scale of response, the information needed woud possibly include:

  • The type of incident (Fire, earthquake, chemical gas release, civil disturbance etc.)
  • Secondary hazards
  • Any information that would be helpful to prioritise the life saving activities (between incidents and within incident)
  • Any logistics support that might be needed (crane to clear the path, mobile radio repeater to ensure flawless communication etc.)
  • Secondary (non-life saving) response (food, shelter, communication etc.)
  • Local response resources (human, tools, vehicles, facilities etc.) available that might be helpful

Some possible workflow diagrams may look like:



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