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BluePrint: Sunflower


Sunflower is an template that will be used by the Sahana Software Foundation as a Community Management Tool.


Sahana Sunflower will be a tool to help track Sahana projects, volunteers and deployments. It will be both a tool used within the Sahana Community to manage our work and also used to promote our work outside of the Sahana Community.

User Stories

  • Sahana Volunteers will use Sahana Sunflower to manage community tasks so that they know what needs to be done.
  • Newcomers to the Sahana Community will use Sahana Sunflower to find out what they can do to contribute to Sahana
  • People interested in using Sahana will use Sahana Sunflower to find out how Sahana is used by different organizations around the world.


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  • View a list of Sahana Volunteers
  • Show a Volunteer Profile page with a list of the tasks that they have completed
  • View a list of tasks needing to be done for Sahana
  • View a map of Sahana Deployments
  • Log a task that needs to be done in Sahana


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