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     1== Introduction ==
     3We want to create a flexible Canvassing/surveying tool for SandyRelief. The proposed Survey module enhancements will also possibly improve the IFRC deployment.
     5== Features ==
     71. Flexibility: Right now, the Survey module relies on importing a pre-created "Assessment" template .csv. We want the Super User/ Admin to be able to edit the question list of survey templates - add, delete and modify questions - through a web UI.
     8        a. This may create problems when the Super User tries to edit templates active and currently in use (if there is a survey series made from the template)
     92. Productivity/ Usability: Providing better filtering features, progress workflows for satisfying needs, and Geocoding, similar to the current Assess module.
     103. Consistency: "Assessment" may be confused with the new "Assess" module. I would like to keep the user interface consistently using the term "Survey," which more appropriately implies surveying land/disasters (building canvassing) or surveying user experiences. In addition, all data tables and methods currently use the word "Survey" rather than "Assessment", so it seems better to use "Survey."
     13== Users/ Stakeholders ==
     15- Sandy Relief and Occupy Sandy
     16        - currently Occupy Sandy uses the Assess module to keep track of building canvassing. But Survey has more potential for flexibility. Assess needs a programmer to change the questions in the code. Survey currently allows the end user to import a  .csv file of questions
     17- Survey may end up helping the IFRC create and make use of disaster surveys.
     20== Design ==
     22To keep the UI simple, no way for editing the survey sections will be provided. All questions created through the WebUI will default to "Section 1" (section_id in the survey_question_list table will = 1).
     24Wireframe for Creating a Survey Template: