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BluePrint: Functional Testing Suite


Creating an automated testing suite using Robot Framework which is configurable, easy to write, easy to maintain and provides in depth logs and reports.

Functional testing needs to be an integrated part of the development process. A maintained suite of functional tests:

  • Captures user requirements in a useful way
  • Gives the team (users and developers) confidence that the system meets those requirements

The current Functional Testsuite (using just selenium) has blurred lines between script action and code. The tests break often because they can not adapt to changes in requirements or system's implementation. The tests tend to become out of sync with either of them, people stop running the tests or stop trusting the results.

This will add value to Sahanna as it will provide a handy and usable tool to script and run tests, to diagnose failures and to empower people to use and maintain the test suite

Stakeholders ==

  • Developers - They will be the users as well as maintainers of the suite.

User Stories

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System Constraints


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Data Model

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Site Map

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Current Implementation

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Planned Implementation

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Future Extensions

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Outstanding Questions

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