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BluePrint: User Management


BluePrints for User Registration and Management. This functionality is already well developed in Sahana Eden and this page is primarily a place to record additional desired enhancements.


<Briefly describe the solution, e.g. start with a user story> <Name existing solutions, e.g. in other applications>


<Outline the requirements here> <Group requirements in subsections, e.g. functional, non-functional, interoperability etc.>


<Describe actors and use-cases> <Describe workflows> <Include diagrams where useful>


<Describe a possible design, repeat any design sections for alternative designs> <Include diagrams, screen mockups and wireframes where useful>


To Do

  • Don't force re-entry of password for Admin (or use a different screen for just changing the password?) on user update
  • Approve email should contain link to the specific User page
  • Populate sites widget from Organisation
  • Option to choose to create Staff or Volunteer
  • Email & Mobile -> Use Inline Form framework (when complete)
  • Multiple OrgAdmin approvers & asyn send of emails
  • Move all auth.settings & auth.messages to deployment_settings


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