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In any business that involves vehicles, such as shipping and delivery, you must keep track of the maintenance of your vehicles. Keeping track of recent maintenance will keep your trucks running and prevent loss of time from breakdowns.

Project Description

A solution to this problem would be a database that keeps track of the maintenance record for the trucks owned by a company. This database would receive information from either the drivers themselves or from an employee entering information manually. While on a long trip or out of the country, the drivers could receive maintenance and this information could be sent by email or phone call. An iPad app could also be developed to allow the drivers to enter their information while on the road.


Method of retrieving data

  • Internet Browser
  • Email
  • Phone
  • App

Database to store data

  • MySQL
  • Oracle

App for drivers to send data

  • Xcode (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android

User Cases

An emergency response team is responding to a recent typhoon in Philippines. Some of the roads they must travel have either been flooded or are non-existent. Their truck has not been properly maintained in months and breaks down. They are now stranded and are not able to reach the people who need help. The vehicle maintenance system would allow the drivers to be notified that their truck would be in need of maintenance before they left. The drivers could then take their vehicle to a shop and get the required maintenance. An app would then be used to update their records and store it in the database for future reference.


Vehicle records are stored on a MySQL database server and can be accessed through a control panel using any internet browser. The records can also be accessed through smartphone or table app


  • Access to a MySQL database through internet browser allows for easier access because there is no need to program for different operating systems.
  • Can be accessed anywhere there is internet.
  • Digital records are easily to maintain and can be converted to paper if neccessary.

Time Table

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