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*Video Introduction*

Project Description

Company Description: Quick response to disastrous situations.

Short Project Name: Vehicle Management

Project Description and Deliverables:

Our goal is to set up reliable software to aid in the rescue operations during times a time of crisis. Assuming that the client already has a usable system in place, our software can be implemented into their system to assist and improve rescue efforts. The software itself will aid in the following things:

1.)Dispatch Emergency Unit

2.)Track Vehicle

3.)Driver Ratings

4.)Vehicle Maintenance

The software as a whole is a package of several different aspects put together to help complete the major task at hand. Although the intention is to package all the elements of our software as one suite, we will offer each individual element separately, with each separate element targeting one of the goals listed above.


The plan for our Dispatching software is simple. We are aiming to create a simple but effective system, in which those who need help will be able to communicate with our dispatch units swiftly and reliably. Those in need will be able to contact the help they need in a variety of ways. We are proposing a call center that may consists of several operators ready to take calls in the event of a disaster. The exact number of operators can be left up to the client. In addition to the basic method of emergency contact, such as the proposed call center, our plan is to set up a website as well as a mobile app. With the large increase in cell phone usage in recent years, as well as large availability to the internet, we believe this would be a great asset to the project. Once the website/mobile app has been set up, it will continue to be tested, whereas new ideas can be implemented. This will also help to make sure that it remains bug free while also being easy enough for those in need to make contact with help when and where they need it. We have set up several mockups ideas for the website\mobile app in order to grasp a basic concept of the ideas that we have in store for this operation. Once equipped with the correct software, the dispatch center will also be equipped to adjust to changing traffic and weather conditions. It will be able to update its internal map of the desired city to adjust for road conditions, dangerous weather, and also accident reports. This will be used to determine the best vehicle for the task at hand and whether or not the destination can be reached safely. Last, but not least, this software will also be able to keep an organized inventory of all vehicles. Once a situation arises for the need of a vehicle, the software will use the information it has learned about the situation, weather, and traffic reports to determine the best vehicle for the job; Fire truck, Ambulance, Helicopter, etc.

Vehicle Tracking

In the event of a disaster it is imperative that the whereabouts of each rescue vehicle be known. It is for that reason we have proposed that each vehicle be equipped with Real time GPS tracking. Using Open GTS Tracking Software integrated with our own, as well as the GPS in each vehicle, the location of each vehicle can be determined at all times. In a situation where time it of the essence, our software will also aid in planning a safe as well as timely route to the desired destination. Being able to keep track of vehicles while they are out in the field allows for the dispatch center to determine the nearest vehicle suitable for the job.


As a way to know what the actual users think of our mobile app/website, we have created a quick questionnaire to assess the pros and cons. It also gives users a chance to suggest new ideas, thus providing us with the info needed to better the system as a whole.

Vehicle Maintenance

Making sure that each vehicle is kept in peak condition is of the utmost importance. Therefor we plan to implement methods for keeping up with scheduled maintenance directly into the software. By simply entering the VIN number of the desired vehicle into the database, a user can view all necessary paperwork on the vehicle, including its fuel efficiency as well as when it is scheduled for its next tune up. In the event that vehicle does not meet the standards for usage, the software will place that particular vehicle on a disabled list, so to speak. With this system set in place, the availability and status of all vehicles will always be up to date and accounted for.

Closing Statements

Overall we want to make the software user friendly but efficient enough to accomplish the task at hand. We want to make it cost efficient so we will be using more our in house resources, with little outsourcing as possible. Our expectations are that this software will help to dispatch vehicles in emergency situations much quicker than the norm. If this can be accomplished, then more lives will be saved and even help prevent further emergencies. Our system also makes it possible for anyone who witnesses an emergency or any type of disastrous event to report it. Using the disaster in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina as an example, we feel that more lives could have been saved if emergency vehicles were dispatched in time and their routes planned well. This is what this software will accomplish. We feel that this software will be a much needed step into the future and into saving countless lives.


  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux

User Cases

*Stacy Ewing*

I am a dispatcher and our center has just started to use this software and i must say that it is user friendly and very efficient. We have been able to get more vehicles out in a quicker time frame than usual.

* Mary Joans *

I am a dispatcher and our center has been using this software for about a month and it is not user friendly as they claim it to be. It still has some bugs to work out with the vehicle maintanence

section. The records you enter for the vehicle is not stored correctly you have to end up re entering the data.



*Survey Results

Time Table

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