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3W database format information


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     1= Resources =
     2 * [ 3W OCHA] has been contacted via for information about formats that would be useful for data exchange.
     3 * [ 3W Search] gives insight into how their data model is structured.
     4 * [ 3W Version 3.0 Database Schema and Application]
     6= CSV Import Formats for 3W Data =
     8[ Taken form the interface of the 3W Application.] The 3W application can import data from CSV files.
     10Items in '''bold''' are mandatory. 
     11== Organizations CSV Format ==
     12'''"Organization Name"''', '''"Organization Acronym"''', '''"Organization Type Name"''',  "Organization Web Site", "Organization Cluster Lead", "Total National Staff", "Total International Staff", "Total Number of Vehicles", "Types of Vehicles ( separated by , )"  (end of line)
     14== Offices CSV Format ==
     15'''"Organization Name"''', '''"Office Name"''',  "Office Type", "Office Status", "Land Phone (separated by ,)",   "Email ", "Fax", "Address 1", "Address 2", "Zip/Postal "Zip/PostalOther Info", "Country", "Admin1Name", "Admin2Name", "Admin3Name", "Admin4Name", "PCode", "Latitude", "Longitude",   (end of line)
     17== Contacts CSV Format ==
     18"Organization Name Or Acronym", "Sector (separated by , )", "Salutation",  '''"First Name"''', '''"Last Name"''',  "Title",   "Mobile Phone", "Sat Phone", "Land Phone", "Email ( separated by , )", "Address 1", "Address 2", "Zip/Postal Code", "Country", "Admin1Name", "Admin2Name", "Admin3Name", "Admin4Name", "Responsibility (Head of Office / Security Focal Point / Public Information Liaison Officer/ Cluster Chair /Cluster CoChair - separated by , )", "Mission End Date (dd/mm/yyyy)", "Radio Call Sign", "Fax", "Mailing Group (separated by , )", "Theme ( separated by ,  )", "Office", "Privacy Status"   (end of line)
     20== Projects CSV Format ==
     21'''"Organization Name"''', '''"Sector\Cluster Name"''' , "Sub Sector Name", '''"Country Name"''', "Admin 1 Name", "Admin 2 Name", "Admin 3 Name", "Admin 4 Name", "Place Name", "Project Title", "Project Objective", "Project Description", "Primary Beneficiary", "Number of Primary Beneficiaries", "Secondary Beneficiary (separated by , )", "Number of Secondary Beneficiaries", "Implementing Partners (separated by , )", "Project Type", "Project Status", "Project Theme", "CAP #", "Estimated Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)", "Estimated End Date (dd/mm/yyyy)", "Funding Amount", "Funding Currency", "Funding Type", "Funding Status", "Funding Reported to FTS (Yes or No)",
     22"Organization Funding Details
     23For each organization funding the project, the details include:
     24Organization Name,Amount Funded,Funding Currency;(separate the data by comma ,)
     25(For multiple organizations separate each Organization's Dataset by a semi-colon ;)
     26Example: "Org1,100000,US$ ; Org2,20000,Pound"" (end of line)
     28== Place Names CSV Format ==
     29'''"Place Name"''', '''"Place Type"''', "PCode", "Latitude Y", "Longitude X",'''"Country"''', '''"Admin1Name"''', "Admin2Name", "Admin3Name", "Admin4Name", (end of line)