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3W database format information


CSV Import Formats for 3W Data

Taken form the interface of the 3W Application. The 3W application can import data from CSV files.

Items in bold are mandatory.

Organizations CSV Format

"Organization Name", "Organization Acronym", "Organization Type Name", "Organization Web Site", "Organization Cluster Lead", "Total National Staff", "Total International Staff", "Total Number of Vehicles", "Types of Vehicles ( separated by , )" (end of line)

Offices CSV Format

"Organization Name", "Office Name", "Office Type", "Office Status", "Land Phone (separated by ,)", "Email ", "Fax", "Address 1", "Address 2", "Zip/Postal "Zip/PostalOther Info", "Country", "Admin1Name", "Admin2Name", "Admin3Name", "Admin4Name", "PCode", "Latitude", "Longitude", (end of line)

Contacts CSV Format

"Organization Name Or Acronym", "Sector (separated by , )", "Salutation", "First Name", "Last Name", "Title", "Mobile Phone", "Sat Phone", "Land Phone", "Email ( separated by , )", "Address 1", "Address 2", "Zip/Postal Code", "Country", "Admin1Name", "Admin2Name", "Admin3Name", "Admin4Name", "Responsibility (Head of Office / Security Focal Point / Public Information Liaison Officer/ Cluster Chair /Cluster CoChair - separated by , )", "Mission End Date (dd/mm/yyyy)", "Radio Call Sign", "Fax", "Mailing Group (separated by , )", "Theme ( separated by , )", "Office", "Privacy Status" (end of line)

Projects CSV Format

"Organization Name", "Sector\Cluster Name" , "Sub Sector Name", "Country Name", "Admin 1 Name", "Admin 2 Name", "Admin 3 Name", "Admin 4 Name", "Place Name", "Project Title", "Project Objective", "Project Description", "Primary Beneficiary", "Number of Primary Beneficiaries", "Secondary Beneficiary (separated by , )", "Number of Secondary Beneficiaries", "Implementing Partners (separated by , )", "Project Type", "Project Status", "Project Theme", "CAP #", "Estimated Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)", "Estimated End Date (dd/mm/yyyy)", "Funding Amount", "Funding Currency", "Funding Type", "Funding Status", "Funding Reported to FTS (Yes or No)", "Organization Funding Details For each organization funding the project, the details include: Organization Name,Amount Funded,Funding Currency;(separate the data by comma ,) (For multiple organizations separate each Organization's Dataset by a semi-colon ;) Example: "Org1,100000,US$ ; Org2,20000,Pound"" (end of line)

Place Names CSV Format

"Place Name", "Place Type", "PCode", "Latitude Y", "Longitude X","Country", "Admin1Name", "Admin2Name", "Admin3Name", "Admin4Name", (end of line)

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