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Blue Print - Assessment

Used for recording assessments carried out by NGO staff / disaster responders going to the field.

Data Model

  • Date
  • Location
  • Assessor
  • Comments


  • Impacts (also used by Incident Reporting)
  • Baseline (similar to Impact, but different data)
    • Type
    • Value
  • Summary (Different name?)
    • Cluster
    • Cluster Category
    • Rank (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green)



  • Perform Assessment
    • This could use a hand crafted view which expose a number of different impact types, baseline types, summary cluster/cluster categories, and then separated these in a assessment resouse with multiple components in the controller.
  • Display Assessment Summary data on a map
    • filtered by summary cluster/cluster categories
  • Produce a Gap Analysis when combined with activity data
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