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    7777  * There are issues with this filter anyway - need a nice way of making persons into volunteers from the vol module: a new registration controller?
    7878 * When adding a new team, _next() should open up the team onto the members tab (see requests -> items for an example)
     79   * nursix: there is no _next in S3CRUD
     80   * instead you would configure redirection as described in [wiki:S3XRC/RESTfulAPI/s3_rest_controller#Redirection]
     81   * that could look like (in controllers/
     82     {{{
     83     # Redirect to member list when a new group has been created
     84     s3xrc.model.configure(db.pr_group,
     85         create_next = URL(r=request, c="vol", f="group", args=["[id]", "group_membership"]))
     86     }}}
    7987 * Tasks should be appearing as Component Tabs of Project (not sure why this isn’t working, seems setup)
     88   * nursix: issue in project rheader, fixed in VITA branch, see there
    8089 * Add Task should be a client-side unhide (listadd=True), again not sure why this isn’t working.
     90   * nursix: fixed in VITA branch, see there
    8191 * When 'open' a person from the Team Members view it should open the Person record not the Membership record
    8292 * Need UI to access the 'Show Offices within x radius of an Event ('Project') Map: