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BluePrint for the S3 Framework

This area is to develop & enhance the S3 Framework wich is built on top of T2/Web2Py.

Current framework features are documented here: DeveloperGuidelinesS3Framework

Currently the left-hand navbar has only 2 levels of hierarchy: Modules & Module Options
Some modules (e.g. DVI) need more.
This is also discussed in the BluePrintCSS

MVC Separation

Whilst Web2Py is fundamentally an MVC framework, it makes it encourages pushing back as much as possible into the Controller, Model or even Module to gain the benefits of re-use of code & massively simplified prototyping.

If we think this could become problematic then we could choose to avoid this.

There is already support in the framework for this:

  • Manual Forms
  • Form Field fragments: e.g. views/form_name.html

Q: Is it worth developing a version of the RESTlike controller which uses Manual Forms instead of Tools/T2?


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