Blueprint for Many-to-Many

Update: This is somewhat resolved, through a manual method. See budget's kit_item() or bundle_kit_item() for examples.

We need Many-to-Many support for GIS Feature Groups (to be able to select a mixture of Feature Classes &/or individual Features) & for the Person Registry & Organisation Registry

Web2Py doesn't really support Many-to-Many SQL tables.

  • even though the t2_membership table is one

It can kind-of do it using Tagging widgets:

These are great for selecting between a relatively small number of options (the second supports the jquery multiselect plugin).
However they aren't scalable (too many elements in large lists).

They also don't have proper referential integrity.

I think the ideal should be something like:

If we can make something generic enough then Massimo will be keen to incorporate it.

jQuery MultiSelect plugin:

My request to Web2Py list:

Other pertinent posts:


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