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Locations Hierarchy

Provide a flexible Locations Hierarchy.

These are the 'Admin Boundaries': L0 - L4

Adding of locations within the L0-L4 range should normally be done by the Administrator prior to going live with the deployment so that these can then be locked-down to the MapAdmin role to prevent duplicate name entries.

Default names (customisable in models/

deployment_settings.gis.locations_hierarchy = {

Since most deployments are restricted to just 1 or few countries, it is possible to hard-code which ones are used (in models/

deployment_settings.L10n.countries = ["PK"]

Location Selector

This section has moved to BluePrintGISLocationSelector

Hierarchy Tree

Have a HTML component that allows the user to explore the locations as a Tree:

 + Province 1
 - Province 2
 |_+ District 1 
 |_- District 2 
 | |_ + Village 1
 | |_ + Village 2
 |_+ District 3 

 + Province 3
 + Province 4
 |_+ District 4
 |_+ District 5 

This could be used to:

  • Create search criteria (have check boxes by each location name, to include that location, and all sublocations, in the search).
  • Allow to user to navigate to a location and then open it to see the different resources associated with it.
  • Zoom to the location on the map.
  • Simply allow the user to see what lcoations have been entered in the database.


Sahana Phase2 has a nice hierarchical Locations system:

This is useful for categorising data for Reporting purposes.

It doesn't have any link to GIS though....we need to be able to link the Locations to GIS polygons.

The definition of Locations can be different in different sectors (not just the names of the locations, but also their actual boundaries)

  • category = "Health" would have types = National, Regional, Provincial, District, MOH Divisions, PHI areas, etc
  • category = "Governance" would have types = National, Provincial (or state), District, Division, Tribunal (or Gramasevaka area)

GIS BluePrints

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