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Upload Photos

Follow this workflow:

  • Upload a GPX Track (to uploads/tracks using the gis_track model)
    • @ToDo consider moving this to gis_layer_gpx (no need for the extra complication of 2 tables)
  • Upload a Folder-full of Photos ( to uploads/images using the doc_image model )
    • Provide a Multi-Select Uploader widget (needs to be Flash or Java since JS can't access filesystem)
    • ? UI to preview images in low-res to select which ones to upload
    • Facebook is a good design model to look at - uses Java
  • For each photo uploaded:
    • Read the timestamp from the EXIF header
    • Create a record in the database with the filename & timestamp
    • Read the GPX track to find the lat/lon associated with the timestamp
    • Add the lat/lon to the database record

This is done already within JOSM, the OpenStreetMap editor.

  • AgPifoJ is a plugin which extends native functionality

Current Status

There is code for this already, but it is unfinished (& refers to an old media_metadata table which no longer exists):

  • bulk_upload() in controllers/
  • views/docs/bulk_upload.html

There is a multiple file uploader widget which currently depends on Ext-2.2.1 (this should be made to work with the main Ext: currently 3.2.1)

  • static/scripts/ext-community-extensions/Ext.ux.UploadDialog.js

GIS BluePrints

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