BluePrint: Hospital Database


The Sahana Eden Hospital Database is an Eden application to provide a global public database for hospital information including:

  • Facility identification
  • Location information
  • Capabilities and capacities
  • Contact information

in aggregation of both, authoritative sources as well as (sanitized) crowd-sourced data.

During emergency response operations, the database can additionally serve as a platform for the exchange of:

  • information on the status, resources and availability of health care facilities


The Hospital Database can be used during emergency response to generate lists, maps and profiles of available health care resources, as well as to identify and locate facilities in supply chain and logistics management. The database can also be used by the hospital facilities themselves as a means to share their information with aid organizations, as well as with other facilities in order to form alliances.

The Hospital Database provides the hospital data to other applications through RESTful webservices, supporting a variety of data formats. Other applications, like AIMS, can consume these webservices to populate their databases, or to use them in other representations (like maps, reports etc).


  • Organization Registry (Governments, NGOs, Health Facility Operators, Service Providers, Crowdsourcing communities)
  • Volunteer Management System
  • Hospital Management System
  • Sahana-Eden Core including:
    • Synchronization
    • Messaging
    • Mapping/GIS


  • tbd


  • tbd


Functional Requirements

  • allow anonymous uploads
  • provide de-duplication tools
  • trusted groups (rating system)
  • Advanced search/query options (RESTful)

Deployment Requirements

  • Be able to operate on multiple servers (Mirror/Sync, Load-balancing)

Usability Requirements

  • tbd

Interoperability Requirements

  • Feeds and web services in various formats


  • Proof-Of-Concept Prototype built at RELIEF-11.2 ("Camp Roberts East")


  • tbd


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