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     2== Blue Print - Manage Assessment ==
     4 ''(for want of a better name)''
     5This module will allow a properly structured assessment file to be imported into the system and from this file an assessment module will be generated.
     7This would allow for Sahana to support with little modification (by the deployer) a wide range of assessments that meet the needs of the users. These assessments are not necessarily emergency specific.
     10== Work Flow ==
     11 * Structured '''assessment file''' is imported
     12  * Data Items are extracted from the file and a model file within the code base is generated
     13   * A user modifiable model file is generated to allow for more sophisticated validation
     14  * From the model a controller file is generated
     15  * The views are generated (one for each section in the assessment)
     16 * Assessments can be completed by users of the system
     17 * Assessments can be listed and exported using the standard tools provided by the Sahana framework
     19Future enhancements to the module would include basic analysis of the data.
     21== Structured Assessment File ==
     23The title of the assessment occurs on the first line and a sub title would be preceded by a blank line. Detail lines are as follows:
     24<Question Number>,<short question name>,<Question Label>,<data type [optional with default being String]>,<flags such as required unique etc>,<detailed comment>
     27Rapid Assessment
     301,Date, Assessment Date, date, REQUIRED,The date that the assessment took place
     312,Country, Country,,L0_SELECTOR
     323,Province, Province,,L1_SELECTOR
     376,TPop,Total population of site visited,integer
     387,TAffectedPop,Estimated number of people affected,integer
     398,TMYAffectedPop,Estimated number of affected male and 18 or younger,integer
     409,TMAAffectedPop,Estimated number of affected male over 18 years,integer
     4110,TFYAffectedPop,Estimated number of affected female and 18 or younger,integer
     4211,TFAAffectedPop,Estimated number of affected female over 18 years,integer