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Other projects

Documentation on the current implementation is here:

Blueprint for the J2ME client

J2ME is the most widespread environment for mobile devices (although may be overtaken by Android).

There should be a simple set of forms for data entry.

GPS coordinates should be taken automatically if available (inc via Bluetooth) or can be entered manually, where not available automatically.

The back-end transport is best done via SMS as this is cheap & widely-available.

  • compressed multi-part SMS to get maximal throughput.

The forms should be updatable via SMS.

This would work like the one which comes with FrontlineSMS, but be Open, as well as Free:

JavaRosa is a fast-developing framework which uses XForms & J2MEPolish:

This supports using Mesh4j to do synchronisation via SMS:


KUIX can be used to develop lightweight applications which work across may handhelds & forms can be customised easily via XML/CSS:

Old, un-maintained J2ME client for the PHP back-end, which just uses XML-RPC (=> requires Internet):

OpenDataKit has joined JavaRosa to form so can use same XForms on Adroid phones :)

Bluetooth Synchronisation

For the J2ME side:

  • tbc

For the Python side:

Other projects:



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