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    2222==== Sahana Eden - Disaster Management Platform ====
    2323Sahana Eden is a Family of Applications to Help You Help Others. Solutions are available for Disaster Management, Emergency Management, Development, Humanitarian and Environmental sectors. Free and Open Source means that it is easily Customisable and Extensible.
     24Sahana Eden is also able to integrate with other solutions and can provide a management/ticketing interface around crowd-sourced data - such as that collected in Ushahidi.
    2526==== Core Features ====
    6162=== OSGeo Live 4.5 Sahana Eden Quickstart ===
    6263==== Getting Started ====
    63  * GT - must be logged in to edit, otherwise limited to just viewing
    64  * GT - should already be set up and ready to go, need to introduce basic usage, provide sample user credentials.
     64Sahana Eden is already installed and configured when you start OSGeo Live. To access Sahana Eden, [ click here], or click on the Geospatial menu, then Crisis Management, then Sahana Eden.
     66By default, you will have view-only rights to access the data. If you wish to create new records, or edit existing records, you will need to be logged in as a user - use the following credentials to get started.
     67 * Username: sahana
     68 * Password: sahana
     70If you have entered example crowd-sourced data in Ushahidi, then you can access that information in Sahana Eden by [ following this link].
     72You will find it has already been configured to access the map data and map servers that are part of OSGeo Live. Sahana Eden can utilise OpenStreetMap as an underlying map layer in the [ map viewing client]. Sahana Eden [supports a wide range] of OpenStreetMap services.
     75 * GT - need to introduce basic usage
    6576 * GT - provide links to fun stuff to investigate, particularly the spatial goodness (link to geoexplorer page?
    66  * GT - link to Ushahidi goodness (
    67  * GT - OSM integration? (
     77 * GT - OSM integration? (
    6878 * GT - introduce key modules to highlight
    6979==== Development ====
    7181 * [ Want to help Develop Sahana Eden?]
    7282 * [ Ticket System] - for reporting problems
    73 ==== Examples ====
    7483==== Further reading ====
    75  * GT - links to Eden
     84 * [ Sahana Eden home page]
     85 * [ Sahana Software Foundation home page]