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Sahana Eden is now featured on the OSGeo Live project hosted by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

Project Leads

The Sahana Eden project leads for this are:

  • Fran Boon
  • Gavin Treadgold

Installation Script

The OSGeo Live project uses installation scripts to install and configure applications to work on the local environment, as well as configure the maps relative to the local spatial data that is installed on OSGeo Live.

The OSGeo Live 4.5 install script for Sahana Eden is available here.

OSGeo Live 4.5 Documentation

The following two sections are the text that will be provided on the Live installation. Note that the original text is cut-and-paste from the 4.0 version that contained Sahana Agasti.

OSGeo Live 4.5 Sahana Eden Overview

TODO - GT to update for Sahana Eden

Sahana Eden - Disaster Management Platform

Sahana Eden is a Family of Applications to Help You Help Others. Solutions are available for Disaster Management, Emergency Management, Development, Humanitarian and Environmental sectors. Free and Open Source means that it is easily Customisable and Extensible.

Core Features

  • Requests Management - Tracks requests for aid and matches them against donors who have pledged aid.
  • Volunteer Management - Manage volunteers by capturing their skills, availability and allocation.
  • Missing Persons Registry - Report and Search for Missing Persons.
  • Disaster Victim Identification.
  • Shelter Registry - Tracks the location, distibution, capacity and breakdown of victims in Shelters.
  • Hospital Management System - Hospitals can share information on resources & needs.
  • Organization Registry - "Who is doing What & Where". Allows relief agencies to coordinate their activities.
  • Ticketing - Master Message Log to process incoming reports & requests.
  • Delphi Decision Maker - Supports the decision making of large groups of Experts.
  • Mapping - Situation Awareness & Geospatial Analysis.
  • Messaging - Sends & Receives Alerts via Email & SMS.
  • Document Library - A library of digital resources, such as Photos & Office documents.
  • Ushahidi Integration - Able to integrate data from Ushahidi



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