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Organisation Registry

Who's doing What Where and When (4W)


"Who, What, Where"
The Organization Registry keeps track of all the relief organizations working in the disaster region. It captures not only the places where they are active, but also captures information on the range of services they are providing in each area.

Haiti Requirements:

Old PHP User Guide:

We should aim to be able to exchange data with UN OCHA's 3W. Information about the 3W database schema, possible import methods to OCHA, and 3W controlled vocabulary lists can be found at BluePrint3W More work should be done to ensure that the schema is compatible with the BluePrint3W schema.

Most of this functionality has already been implemented.

To Do

  • Use the organisation register to provide specific contact list functionality:
    • For Organisations & Offices
    • Focus on contact details information
    • Clearly & Easily show focal people
  • if a single person is assigned as staff to multiple sites or organisations, there will be multiple site records for this person. This may cause confusion when creating staff lists. Perhaps the data structure should be revised to accommodate this.
  • Make S3PersonAutocompleteWidget work with the filter criteria of the field.requires (this is required to ensure only unique staff can be added to each site)
  • Organigram creator from the Staff
  • ID cards from the Staff
  • Examine the represents for different sites to ensure that the provide adequate information in different context.
    • This my include appending the site type and/or location name.

For the Oxfam office in Benghazi (fictional), do we ask people to enter, 'Oxfam', 'Oxfam Office', 'Oxfam Benghazi' or 'Oxfam Office in Benghazi'? Theoretically they shouldn't need to put anything for the name of the Site - we know it's an Office, we know the Org is Oxfam & we know the location is we could build it *all* out of the Represent. However this could be constraining - people may want to put their own name there. Also if we automate then we'll likely get duplication as people will put elements into the name directly which we'll try to add automatically via the represent.

  • within a List view of Offices, we certainly don't want the 'Office' being included within the Represent for the name.
  • for a Map hover, it shouldn't be necessary as we have the icon to go on (although this may not be understood, even with the Legend).
  • for a Cluster popup, this might be critical to decide which feature we want to bring up the details of.

I'd rather not have a deployment setting here. I think we should have 1 obvious way of doing the right thing - if at all possible.

Organisation Permissions

See: S3AAA/OrgAuth for implementation details

  • How to handle permissions for site resources - should they inherit permissions from an organisation resource?
    • No, they have their own permissions which are more specific than the organisation permissions, but...
  • Have an deployment_setting to switch between:
    1. Sites having their own permissions according to the staff of that site
    2. All sites inheriting their permissions from the organisation's staff (site's owned_by_role = org_organisation_staff role)
  • Allow staff for Organisation to be marked as "admin" (or something) and have them ALWAYS have permissions for any site belonging to the organisation


This means having the following tables:


  • Name
  • Acronym
  • Type IS_IN_SET([Government,International Governmental Organization,International NGO,Misc,National Institution,National NGO,United Nations])
  • Website
  • National Staff
  • International Staff
  • Number of Vehicles
  • Vehicle Types
  • Donation Phone (gives the org an incentive to be listed)
  • Logo (could be displayed on the map)


  • Name
  • Abbreviation


Instance of the Site super entity

  • Name
  • Type IS_IN_SET([Headquarters,Regional,Country,Satellite Office]) (Would "Field" be a better term than "Satellite")
  • Phone 1
  • Phone 2
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Address 1
  • Address 2 (used for Postcode)
  • Needs validation (checkbox) [NEW] or Validate


Handled by the Person Registry?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title


Many-to-Many table to link Sector to Organisations.


Many-to-Many table to link Offices to Organisations.
Optional validator to limit Offices as being affiliated to just a single Organisation


Many-to-Many table to link Staff to Offices.
Optional validator to limit Staff as being affiliated to just a single Office


Many-to-Many table to link Staff to Organisations.
Optional validator to limit Staff as being affiliated to just a single Organisation


This describes the screens laid out in a way matching with the workflow.


  • Organization Dashboard (will go to the organization of the current user)
  • Organizations Registry
  • Projects
  • Map

Organization Dashboard

  • Org. Details
  • Edit Org. (Restricted)
  • Offices
    • Add Office
  • Projects (for displayed Org.)
    • New Project

Organization Registry

  • List of Organizations
  • Add New Organization


  • List of all Projects
  • Display on Map (redirects to Map, with Project filter selected)


Filterable options to display:

  • Offices
  • We want to be able to add Proejcts by Jurisdiction (e.g. Neighborhood for PaP)...without knowing the GIS data.
  • If we do have polygons for neighborhoods, these will be displayed automatically on map.
  • KML/GeoRSS feeds will just be GIS Centroids.


  • Tabular
  • Map
  • Key is to be able to identify Gaps


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