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Table of Contents

  1. Project Management

Person Finder Application

  • A set of workflows around:
    • Reporting persons missing
    • Collecting information about missing persons
    • Tracking and tracing persons
    • Managing the recovery of dead bodies
    • Identification of the deceased

Project Management

Introduction This project I have decided to title where in the world. It is a simple system for categorizing and helping to identify dead bodies based on multiple hierarchy's of criterion.


Project Description Dead body identification


  • Link's Missing Person's Database
  • Feature Identification
  • Dental Records
  • Death Chronology
  • Medical Records
  • Registry of Personal Effects of the deceased
  • Contact Information


User Cases:

On Tuesday June 2, 2013, Desmond May went for a one week retreat in Little Rock, Arkansas. However, a major storm develops on the fifth of that week, and Desmond was reported missing. Two day after the storm, several bodies were found and taken to the city morgue. The May family use Where in the World to find out if Desmond was taken to the morgue. Desmond has blood type A, two missing teeth in the front of his mouth, has tattoos on his lower right arm and upper left of his back.

On Monday August 9, 2013, Hurricane Irene can to the south coast and while the damage was not severe, there were deaths during the storm. James Tom feared that his cousin, 45-year old Sam Nail, might be one the causalities. Using the site, he look for a person with blood type AB, weight 203 pounds, has a limped leg, and always carry a locket of his mother on his neck.

On Saturda July 16, 2013, Sandy Ball was using the site to find if her friend, Jesse Man, was not affected by the major flood that took place a few days ago. Jesse has long brunette hair, blood type O, a tattoo on her left leg and foot, weight 167 pounds, and red-brown eyes.

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Project Management

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