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    1010  - This project aims to create a roster tool primarily aimed at the CERT service. This can be used when there is a need of volunteers / people to be rostered. They can be rostered for an event, project, scenario, or an organisation. The tool is visually a table with each cell defined by a job role and a corresponding timeframe.
    1111  - The list of the volunteers / people / employees will be pulled up from the database and then populated next to the roster tool for the admin to select and generate a roster.
     13== Usage ==
     14 - Go to Roster tool from the main menu.
     15 - Select the type of event you wish to roster, from the first drop down.
     16 - Select the particular event you wish to roster, subsequently select the week and slot you wish to create a roster for.
     17 - You can now click on the + symbol at the bottom of the table. This will allow you to add roles to your table.
     18 - Once you have added roles, you may roster a corresponding role, on a given day, by clicking on the + symbol on the corresponding (intersecting) cell.
     19 - This will list all the volunteers suitable for that job role on the left side. Select a volunteer by clicking on him / her.
     20 - Once this is done, click the save button in the bottom to save the roster.
    1322== Requirements ==