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A Scenario is a list of required resources (human & equipment), along with a set of Map definitions (Viewport & maybe active layers)

Can be used for both Exercises & real Events.

  • Exercises should have all records marked with Drill
    • Notifications, Incident Reports


<apocsantos> The airport has 5 levels of alert
<apocsantos> if they call up an alert there is a "resource template" to be activated and made availiable
<apocsantos> for example level 2 alert means we (vila do conde fire department) has to make availiable 5 ambulances with crew, 2 trucks, 1 comand vehicle, and 1 extrication truck
<apocsantos> so every time the alert is triggered the opcom has to check the level of alert and read the procedures, so that he can make the call for volunteers and vehicles
<apocsantos> so imagine a guy under lots of pressure having to send sms alert to call in volunteers
<apocsantos> read the pages for the procedures, see what it's needed and when
<flavour> & we'd like to automate that
<flavour> Select the Scenario from a dropdown
<flavour> It says : OK you need these resources, Press 'Notify' to alert them
<apocsantos> but level five alert (red alert) needs to have clearance from a commanding officer
<apocsantos> for for that level a password would be required
<flavour> How do the vehicles get mobilised?
<apocsantos> if that level of alert is called "a plane has crashed or crash is unavoidable"
<flavour> Volunteers get told to collect them in their mobilisation note?
<apocsantos> volunteers get to the headquarters, and the opcom says what vehicles are needed
<apocsantos> and have to select the crews
<apocsantos> most usualy we "make the crews", with volunteers we are use to work with and have served together in the past
<apocsantos> but that is one of the opcom tasks
<apocsantos> we get in, get geared up, and say "ready and our internal id number"
<flavour> So nothing in the mobilisation order other than 'attend base'
<apocsantos> yep
<apocsantos> it's one of the major fails
<apocsantos> not all of us have training for those situations
<apocsantos> just a few have EMS training
<apocsantos> most just have EMT training


Portuguese Firefighters & Red Cross use a common standard for human resources skills defined by the Ministry of Health, which is certified by attending the requisite hours of training & passing both written & practical exams.

Skills are re-credentialled every 6 months:

  • checking minimum time of active duty (275 hrs)
  • a managerial performance rating: pass/fail

& 12 months:

  • checking minimum time of training (70 hrs)
  • a managerial performance rating: 1 (unfit) to 5 (well fitted for the work)
    • need at least 4 points for 5 years to be promoted in rank
  • attended refresher training course
  • Drivers have other standards (psycho-technical assessment every year)


  • Firefighter/EMT (150 hr course)
  • Firefighter/EMS (500 hr course inc some medical training and advanced life support)
<apocsantos> portuese standards for emergency personel are all clearly defined by law, and eveyone has diferente ID numbers for each specific trainning and an identification card
<apocsantos> for example my EMT Card Uniq Identifyer is 36031
<apocsantos> there is no-one in portugal not firefighter or from any other organization with the same EMT Trainning Certification Number
<apocsantos> all the "credential system" is based on uniq identifyers that can be "cross-check" bettween databases
<apocsantos> for example if i respond to a car accident while off dutty the portuguese authority's (police) ask me for the EMT Training ID and Firefighter ID
<apocsantos> they can radio in the ID's an have my credentials validated


Standardised Vehicle Types:

Locations, classified by Response Times to Incident Location:

  • Airport Crash
    • North of Terminal
      • within 5km radius: airport staff 1st in line
      • 5-20km radius: Vila do Conde (15 mins ETA. Morreira da maia have 10 min ETA, but they don't have the same resources)
    • South of Terminal
      • within 10km radius: airport staff 1st in line
      • 10+km radius: Oporto professional firefighters


We want a way of notifying the relevant human resources that they are required (which is a link between the required skills & the available skills).

  • ideally single button to send out the mobilisation notification
  • major emergencies require this to be done by a senior person

Taking shifts into account:

  • don't need this (always on-call)
  • American Red Cross have 12 hour alternating shift patterns

ICS Resource Management



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