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Table of Contents

  1. Scenarios


A Scenario is a list of required resources (human & equipment), along with a set of Map definitions (Viewport & maybe active layers)

Can be used for both Exercises & real Events.

  • Exercises should have all records marked with Drill
    • Notifications, Incident Reports

We want a way of notifying the relevant human resources that they are required (which is a link between the required skills & the available skills).

  • ideally single button to send out the mobilisation notification
  • major emergencies require this to be done by a senior person

Taking shifts into account:

  • don't need this (always on-call)
  • American Red Cross have 12 hour alternating shift patterns (PT Red Cross use same std - defined by Ministry of Health):

  • The human resources skills are "standard" by certified training (attended hours & passed both written & practical exams). No further credentialling.
    • Firefighter/EMT (150 hr course)
    • Firefighter/EMS (500 hr course inc some medical training and advanced life support)

ICS Resource Management


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