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    3737 * [[ | OK-Board (Languages used in Europe/North Africa/West Asia)]]
    3838 * [[ | Lingua systems (Cyrillic languages) - OpenSource + downloadable]]
    39  * [[ | XLIT web (Indian langauges, Hindi and Marathi available at their webpage, more can be requested)]]
    40  * [Mygengo Translation API]
    41  * [Microsoft Translator APIs]
    42  * [Speaklite Translate API] /
    43  * [WebServiceX Translate API]
    45 ||'''Name'''||'''Web URL'''||'''Status'''|| ||
    46 ||Mygengo Translation API||||''Online''||Cost According to Translation
     40 All The API are shareware.
     41||'''Name'''||'''Web URL'''||'''Status'''||
     42||Mygengo Translation API||||''Online''
    4743||Microsoft Translator APIs||||''Online''
    4844||Speaklite Translate API||||''Online''
    4945||WebServiceX Translate API||||''Online''
     47=== Description on Different APIs
     48Mygengo Translation API::
     49   some kind of mammal, with hair
     50Microsoft Translator APIs::
     51   some kind of reptile, without hair
     52   (can you spot the typo?)
     53Speaklite Translate API::
     54   some kind of mammal, with hair
     55WebServiceX Translate API::
     56   some kind of reptile, without hair
     57   (can you spot the typo?)
    5058=== Thoughts about server-side implementation ===
    5159Another idea that came up is, that it would be nice if a user could search for something by using his or her language specific letters. For example, a user wants to search for "Aspirin" in Arabic letters. Currently, he won't find anything, as the UTF-8 encodings of roman letters are different from the Arabic letters ("Aspirin" == "أسبرين" would fail). The idea is to reverse transliterate the non-roman string into roman letters on server-side and perform the search with the reverse-transliterated string.