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    4747=== Description on Different APIs
    48 Mygengo Translation API::
     48'''Mygengo Translation API'''
    4949   some kind of mammal, with hair
    50 Microsoft Translator APIs::
    51    some kind of reptile, without hair
    52    (can you spot the typo?)
    53 Speaklite Translate API::
     51'''Microsoft Translator APIs'''
     52  Microsoft Translator provides a powerful set of web service APIs that developers can use to take advantage of its best-of-breed Machine Translation technology in their own applications, services or web sites. This API may be called in a number of ways, including an HTTP REST Service, an AJAX-callable service and a SOAP Web Service.
     53The Microsoft Translator API, an online service, is available directly from the Windows Azure Marketplace. The Microsoft Translator API is sold as a monthly subscription based on the number of characters of text passed to the API. The API is available for FREE for usage up to 2 million characters per month.
     55'''Speaklite Translate API'''
    5456   some kind of mammal, with hair
    55 WebServiceX Translate API::
    56    some kind of reptile, without hair
    57    (can you spot the typo?)
     58'''WebServiceX Translate API'''
     59  Convert text from one lanaguage to another language .Supported languages are English to Chinese,English to French,English to German,English to Italian,English to Japanese,English to Korean,English to Portuguese,English to Spanish,Chinese to English,French to English,French to German,German to English,German to French,Italian to English,Japanese to English,Korean to English,Portuguese to English,Russian to English,Spanish to English.
    5860=== Thoughts about server-side implementation ===
    5961Another idea that came up is, that it would be nice if a user could search for something by using his or her language specific letters. For example, a user wants to search for "Aspirin" in Arabic letters. Currently, he won't find anything, as the UTF-8 encodings of roman letters are different from the Arabic letters ("Aspirin" == "أسبرين" would fail). The idea is to reverse transliterate the non-roman string into roman letters on server-side and perform the search with the reverse-transliterated string.