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    11= XSLT File Editer =
    22== Purpose ==
     3As XSL transformations are used in many parts of Eden and is becoming more important. We need a tool to create XSL files, which is easy to use, as integrators are no developers.
     4The tool should generate a XSL out of a XSD and a text specified by the user. There should be diffferent output types available (E-Mail, HTML, pure text...).
    35== Product Scope ==
    46=== Objectives ===
     7[*] Easy to use
     8[*] Eden module
     9[*] Possibility to use an XSD which contains the possible elements of the input XML
    510=== Benefits ===
     11[*] Preview feature
     12[*] Realtime UI updates / Use of the Error panel
    613== Features ==
    714=== Use Case ===
    9 ==== Description ====
    10 === Functions ===
     16==== Description & Functions ====
     17[*] Step 1) User had to upload an XSD -> XML Elements should be shown in the "Available XML Elements" panel
     18[*] Step 1b) The user can upload an XML if he/she wants to use the preview Feature (Step 3)
     19[*] Step 2) User enters the text. The XML elements are on the right side, a click on one of them adds it to the text.
     20[*] Step 2b) 2 tabs: 1) Normal text 2) Includes XSL tags
     21[*] Step 2c) "XSL Output types" dropdown contains different modes for the output
     22[*] Step 2d) Errors are shown in the "Errors" panel
     23[*] Step 3) User can download the XSL or refresh the "Preview" field based on the XML uploaded at Step 1b)
    1124=== Mock GUI ===
    1932== Similar Tools ==
    20 == Similar Tools ==
     33[[ | W3Schools XSLT Editor]] has similar functions but a quite limited GUI.