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Blueprint for LiveCD

A Live CD (probably based on Ubuntu) that can be used to demo and deploy a Sahana Eden instance.

The same CD can be used to build Virtual Machines.

We want 4 different builds:

  • Lite
  • Normal
  • GIS
  • Dev


Designed to provide a quick LiveCD demo of functionality without needing any installation.

Can also be run headless as a simple server to be accessed by host's Web browser & perhaps 1-2 other users on a small LAN.

  • Python
  • Rocket
  • Sqlite


bzr checkout --lightweight -r 2717 lp:~mdipierro/web2py/devel web2py
cd web2py/applications
bzr checkout --lightweight -r XXX lp:~sahana-eden eden

Run with password & NIC bound to real IP (need to work out how to find this out):

python -a <password> -i x.x.x.x


Need a way to keep the system updated easily (web2page?):

cd web2py
bzr up -r <revision>
cd applications/eden
bzr up -r <revision>


Designed to be run headless in an office of up to 50 users with poor quality Internet...would be a dedicated machine if a lot of users.


Useful for the GPS Sharing tool, for instance. Can run on a fairly high-end laptop or a dedicated desktop.


Designed for use in Training sessions where we want to get a number of people on diverse equipment operational quickly. Should include a Desktop & Debugging tools: Eclipse & Firebug

This would replace our existing VM:


bzr branch -r 2717 lp:~mdipierro/web2py/devel web2py
cd web2py/applications
bzr branch -r XXX lp:~sahana-eden eden


'update' alias

cd web2py
bzr pull -r <revision>
cd applications/eden
bzr pull -r <revision>


Chelsea School are building these for us based on TurnKey Linux


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