Book Editor

The Book Editor reviews changes to the chapters to ensure that edits are readable and consistent with the current work. (Being open to editing, we may even have people adding spam).

If necessary then the list can be consulted for clarifications.

Once the changes have been reviewed then the book needs to be republished to both Floss Manuals & Lulu

The process to republish to Floss Manuals is:

  • Login to
  • select 'get booki gears' from the menu
  • check that the default options are correct (i.e. assumes you have just this 1 book in your profile with the correct notification email & that you are publishing HTML, epub & PDF)
  • select 'Get Book!'

The process to republish to Lulu is:

  • Login to
  • select 'Export' tab
  • click 'send to'
  • Cover PDF attachment: sahana_full.pdf
  • user: franboon
  • password: ask
  • project number: 11767789
  • select 'Show advanced options'
  • Page Size: DIGEST
  • CSS mode: custom (paste in contents of attached CSS)
  • select 'Publish this book'

NB: Lulu publishing direct from Booki is currently broken, so need to download the PDF created in the previous step & upload to Lulu manually:

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