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    1919* If you get a ticket, click the ticket link and copy/paste the traceback into your issue report. '''Do not just report the ticket ID''' - the ticket may no longer exist at the time when the issue is being worked on, or be not accessible for the developers.
    2020* If you are a contributor, be sure to use the correct labels when reporting your bug.
    21 === For GCI students ===
    22 ~~We will be using [ Sunflower], Sahana's Community Management portal for reporting bugs. ~~
    23 ~~ * Before reporting or updating bugs, first [ Register for an account] and log in. (No approval is needed.)~~
    24 ~~ * [ Report a Bug]~~
    26 Bug reporting guidelines:
    27  * Please check to see if the bug you've found has already been reported.
    28  * Please provide full details to reproduce the problem, like the example below.
    29  * Be clear on which system your test is run against - e.g.
    30  * You may also wish to check the [ Commit Logs] to see if the bug is being fixed. (Note to bug fixers -- please accept the bug on sunflower and say you're working on it.)
    31  * '''Screenshots''' are good for showing the main problem screen if hard to explain, however, if you get a ticket, then simply the ticket ID would be better than a screenshot, as can simply copy/paste to find the relevant ticket)
    32  * If the bug is relatively simple to resolve, please add the tag "easy", so it will appear on sunflower.
    3421== What is a Bug? ==
    3522It is important to properly identify bugs as these need to be fixed in priority to implementing enhancements. Sometimes it may not be clear if issues you encounter are in fact bugs. The following ARE bugs: