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Bug Reporting Guidelines

For now we are only taking bugs on:

Progression of code will normally be from Dev -> UAT -> Prod

High Priority Focuses for testing

  • Issues on live Production system
  • Issues with Hospital and Request systems

Testing Coverage It would be good if the QA team specializes on testing certain modules in the system. More than one person can subscribe for a module and report their test coverage. The TestCases Page helps you with test coverage. Please select an area for testing and add yourself to the page

Test Process

Testing UAT

  1. Select an area that you will test in TestCases and add your name to it. Pick a module that has not been covered by others.
  2. Test the UAT version by exploring the various navigation options and actions in the module
  3. Add you initials to the respective test case in TestCases. If the action does not exist in the TestCases please add it as well.
  4. If you find a bug also check if this bug exists in the production version
    • if the bug exists in production mark the version of the bug as haiti-prod
    • if the bug does not exist in production mark the version as haiti-uat
  5. Use the template below to enter the new bug in trac:

Ideally this testing is done as a result of doing Data Entry - this is the critical path right now as we're still short on data & this is the area which needs to be made more bullet-proof & smooth. Data Entry tasks are being coordinated using this Google Spreadsheet

If you are doing system testing rather than just encountering a bug during data entry, then please test on the UAT or Dev environment:

  • UAT is a static version for testing before it gets uploaded to production. Please do the majority of your testing here
  • NB The Dev environment is updated quite regularly, so don't be surprised to see some effects (RMS especially is changing rapidly)
  • NB The Dev environment has modules activated which are not in production, so log these bugs as Low priority for now: DVI, Vol

2 Trackers being used:

  • Trac - easier for users (anonymous people can report bugs)
  • LaunchPad - quicker for Devs, but login required to report - deprecated in favour of Trac


  • Please check the trackers to see if the bug you are reporting has already been reported (LaunchPad provides a nice interface for this)Please provide full details to reproduce the problem, like the example below.
  • Be clear on whether your test is against the Live system (Prod) or the test system (Dev).
  • Bug Supervisors may wish to check the Commit Logs to see if they can see the Bug being fixed.
  • Screenshots are good for showing the main problem screen if hard to explain, however, if you get a ticket, then simply the ticket ID would be better than a screenshot, as can simply copy/paste to find the relevant ticket)


System Tested:
Dev/UAT/Prod (select one and specify if it is the dev, UAT or production version)

Release Version:
Sahana r603 (2010-01-24 13:02:53) - You can obtain this from the Help->About menu (

Firefox 3.5
Windows XP

User should be logged in to the system.

1) Click ‘Mapping’.
2) Click ‘Map Service Catalogue’.
3) Click ‘Features’.
4) Click on an ID in the Location list. (The 'Edit location' page will appear.)
6) Remove the value in the 'Latitude' field. (This step is optional)
5) Click on 'Conversion Tool' link.

Expected Result:

    The Converter should appear.

Actual Result:

    Clicking the link results nothing. Converter doesn't appear.


Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.