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Bulk Photo Uploader

We have a request to be able to upload a large number of photos.


  • controllers/
  • views/media/bulk_upload.html

This work is in 3 stages:

Phase 1: Photos with Metadata

  • Get it working so that files actually upload
    • from filename= in POST
  • Optional: Simplify the functionality so that it doesn't have any Geo aspects.

Phase 2: Geotagging

  • For each photo uploaded:
    • Read the EXIF header in the files
      • Read the timestamp from the EXIF header
      • Create a record in the database with the filename & timestamp
      • If there's a Lat/Lon then include these fields too
    • Read associated GPX track & correlate timestamps to update the records

Phase 3: Java or Flash widget

  • To allow multi-select of files in the File | Open dialog (Javascript can't do this)
  • ? UI to preview images in low-res to select which ones to upload
  • Facebook is a good design model to look at - uses Java


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